Friday, March 13, 2015

Melting Clocks

Twisty tree was demanding I cling to it
The sun. The sun. THE SUN.  I feel like I'm coming out of an unconscious hibernation and it's better than good, it's a sunny heaven. Since the day I could walk home from practice and still have the daylight accompanying me, I've been out soaking all of it in, the vitamin D and the good vibes. After so much bad news, bad luck that I'd rather not go into, I took a break from the world.

Looking forward to my morning walks.
About a week ago, a day of windy rain, I closed the door, closed the curtains and shut the out world. In a few moments of silence I thought of all the things I had done this year, all the things I would do in my lifetime and I exhaled. Opening my eyes I came back to reality and just felt lighter. The next day the skies showed it. For the first time in months I was actually waking up to the sun. It has only gotten brighter since.

Yes that really is Cauliflower
Mean green fighting Machine Bread
(Now say that 5x fast)
Getting back into my yoga (I finally have the splits checked off my bucketlist!... well at least on the right side.) and my weirdly healthy experimental kitchen is making stides in all that is weird and healthy (I made pizza with cauliflower and green bread! Please refer to the delicious pictures on either side of you before making any rude barfing noises) Doing all these little things has me feeling more me. So as the sun shines higher in the sky so do my hopes.

I'm looking at all the adventure slowly filling my calendar in the months to come, bubbling to tell you all about it. The big news first, I AM GOING TO SWEDEN! Yes you heard my outburst correctly, the "Rule book writers" are letting me go in May. I'll get to see the Midnight sun, swim in an Archipelago but most importantly I'll be able to hug my Swedish sister whom I haven't seen in a near year. All this excitement is enough to carry me until May but with all the good energy I've been putting out there, the universe is working double time to keep up.

Toni dancing with the belly dance I still can't stop laughing

Let's focus on the now I'm closing in on the deadline for my art contest entry and my perfectionista tendency is falling on my shoulders. I step back and like it but don't love it, could change here, a little their, nit picking till the last pen mark. Like all things I just need to set it free and trust the process, what's meant to be will soon come. Of course it helps/hurts hearing all the good feedback on it as it builds my confidence/nerves. I'm just going to relax, add a picture and leave the nit picking to you all. In two weeks it'll be in the mail on it's way out with it my worry.

First attempt

2nd attempt (Minus the mouth)

Bubble Burst

The tedious and tiring search is over, I have made the long delayed purchase of my graduation dress! In and out of dressing rooms (do Spanish girls not have shoulders because half the time I felt like a bodybuilder in these tiny dresses) until I was blown into "Stock", a huge sale of all high brands selling the last of their- well stock. Amidst the racks and rows of designer-this chiffon-that I saw a coral sleeve poking out. I twirled in the dressing room seeing myself twirling at graduation suddenly I stopped. Oh my gosh it was March already! The room, my year, it all kept spinning and I had stayed in one place not aware of everything moving around me.

Basking in the Spanish sun I hadn´t noticed the, falling calendars, the melting clocks around me. With all my excitement for summer I never realized what was nearing was the end and how could I possibly be excited for the end. I held my dress in the middle a bittersweet lesson, all good things come to an end. This year is only the first step in a long life of sunny days and adventure, best to start living it now.

What's to Come

Today I'm off to Zaragoza taking part in tree planting and more exchange student antics. The following weekend we are heading out to Toledo what I consider a classic Spanish city of history, beauty and hopefully dancing through windmills. Then it Semana Santa in

Last time we were in Zaragoza it was so windy it tilted the church!
It's clear what little time I have here, so as I did my first day waiting in the airport, I'll drink up as much Spanish sun as possible and make the melting clocks stop ticking. So instead of being sad about the end I smile, at everything that is here and now because soon it will all be there and then.