Saturday, November 22, 2014


Smile's for smiles. I'm really not that generous of a person. I do things to make other people happy because seeing them smile makes me feel all fuzzy inside (make fun of my cheesy motives as you please). Soooo really I'm just a super selfish person trying to be happy all the time. With that said here are my latest Happiness-capades (new favorite word).

The stairs were worth it. Castle adventures!


With exams inching closer it seemed the stress radiating from everyone else was rubbing off a little on me. (Having mini temper tantrums over a hole in my tights or literal split milk, if that counts as stress?) None the less, I was still the lucky one to be spending my days baking muffins, preparing Thanksgiving lists and taking Sevillana's classes (yes, I plan on wearing a flowy red dress and dancing for you all. In due time followers, in due time) So when the usual "We envy you Tanika." came along I kept my smile small as my selfish joy-seeking mind started working.

These leaves are the veins of autumn.

A surprise, a stress-relieving surprise that will evoke the most smiles? I had quite a few good ideas but sadly was low on glitter and lacking in unicorns. My eyes passed over my bucketlist and almost as though it was speaking "Hey look I'm happy!" I saw it. Oh yes! Quickly I started jotting down a check list. There were moments of excitement and moments of blunder but in the end with only one popped balloon to the face and several heaps of scrapped paper. I had done it.

Not the best candid but here I am being the strange happy girl handing out surprise balloons!

With the pride of a kindergartner holding their first gold star I held my balloons high and lifted my cheeks to the sky (In the super-over-smiley way not the icky twerking way to other sick minded folk). It was amazing to watch peoples faces light up as they read they're little notes inside each balloon. With every "Gracias", each "¡Ah que mona!" I felt my slowing rollercoaster pick up speed and I was back on track of meeting my two goals, making this year the best year of my life (so far) and living a life worth loving, of laughs, friendships and the occasional cheesy Kodak moments like this day.

Intended for everyone else's joy but I just couldn't stop smiling either :)

Smiling Domino Effect

My little theory started as young as 2nd grade, with the laughing game. You stare at someone and try to make them laugh? Well when one person laughed or smiled it seemed contagious and soon we were all tummy tired with laughter. Now I've gone back on this happiness concept. When things are going well my mind creates all the more opportunity for more good things. Maybe I'm just overly happy all the time but ok,  I made people happy and now my calendar is filling with future activities to make more people happy. And so it continues, the train of joy, dominoes falling to the cheerfulness that is now my growing holiday spirit.

If we didn't take a group pic it didn't really happen.

I'll save my future happiness-capades for next time. I can only imagine how grand they'll be with Thanksgiving around the corner and then the jiggle bells-y, tinsel town-y epitome of all joyous warm feeling... CHRISTMAS!! In the mean time I hope you all get a chance to take on a Happiness-capade of your own or it least share some smiles, I don't have a claim on the wonderful little things :)

Just me failing as being Rapunzel, but still a smile on my face :)

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