Monday, July 7, 2014

Introductions to a Budding Blogger

"Here we go!"
Words in Warning
This marks my first leap into the unknown jungle of blogging society. I realize that creating a blog means pulling together thoughts which spin and change, fade and fly (especially in my hyperactive mind). So if my words get jumbled or my thoughts skip around, please forgive my human imperfections. I'm still working on them :)

I am Forever Bound by the "-"

"I'm off on a new adventure! See ya!"

The hyphen. My name is my story, Tanika Rose Santos-MacSwain. Long name, cool name, and absolutely perfect for explaining my beginnings. (I tell this story to everyone so if you've heard it before skip on). 
My parents meet in Japan where "Tanya" my mom's best friend introduced her to this handsome Peruvian with an Elvis-like hairdo. Peru home to the Inca's, home to the beautiful city of "Ica" filled with gold. 
Skip ahead a few romantic years and then the name presents itself. In Singapore, my birthplace. My mom being the determined, independent woman she is insisted not only on my uniquely wonderful first name but my hyphenated glory name. My dad kept things simple, a middle name of beauty "Rosa". My name continues to confuse but also leads to a good story ending with "From the age of negative 9 months I became a traveler."

    So why Spain?
"15 countries, one crazy wonderful mashed up family"
Despite having an pretty cool background and moving almost always, I have lead a pretty simple teenage conquest: soccer, friends, peanut-butter sculpting, random dancing in public because I like the smiles I can bring (another warning I can be an upbeat cheese-ball) But no matter what I did I always wanted more. And then I met them. The exchange students. Boy was I in for a ride with these guys. I'll have more time to talk about them later because that is what my blog is supposed to be about? (Sorry for all the side tracking) But for now I will tell you this, they are superheros
"Pau's first time in snow!"
I'd experienced foreign exchange once before. Her name was Paulina, our exchange student from Mexico. The experience she was having was the experience I needed. In our year of late night trampoline talks and endless laughter we became not-by-blood-but-in-every-other-possible-way-Sisters. Never had the word felt stronger than in the moments of hugging goodbye. I've come full circle and I'm here 3 years later, saying goodbye, yet again, to another place, another year, another home. Let's see where it takes me.
"Look out Spain. This girl is on the way."

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  1. The photo in the pink chair should be the cover of your first book. You can write all the fun and excitement of being in a foreign country....completely reinvent yourself? And maybe learn Flamenco in the midst of it all