Monday, September 15, 2014

The Flight of My Life

Today was the big goodbye. Since my mom is the definition overly emotional and I her daughter there was no one to hand us tissues, pat our backs or play a sad violin as we went separate ways, apart for a year. She has given me everything since the day I was born a wild child. From making breakfasts (not just on the weekends but EVERY DAY) to more vacations than I can count my mom has been superwoman. I have so much more to say about her but just writing this is bringing on a whole new waterfall. This will not be a pity party. I may be a sentimental hormone driven teenage girl but I am also a young person on a life changing journey. Now inflate your neck pillows, we're going to Spain!
Last family trip in California, Pismo.

Dallas to New York

I am in the worst seat on this entire plane. Last row and window, the literal corner of the cabin. The window doesn't help on this absurdly cloudy day. The sky is blank like I'm in a half finished drawing and the artist stopped before starting the sky (maybe he had a plane to catch too) Either way it looks empty outside the same way it's kind of empty in me. I haven't hit any of the wild emotions I should be feeling. Not the sadness and not the excitement yet either. Hopefully it hits me before I become heartless!

On my way!

New York looking as impressive as always.

Yes TIFOS in Spanish!!
Rushing to catch the AirTrain zipping through terminals, what pride I felt as I stood in front of my gate, an hour early. YES! I had time to kill and a long flight to prepare for. So like any sane person I plugged in my charger, stowed away my passport and began, Tandasana. That's right people I was doing yoga in the middle of an airport with plenty of staring travelers. Two Frenchmen halted their animated conversation to join me. They began laughing as their tight European clothes barred them from bending any further. In thick accents they both said. "Very good, but we fall!

New York to Madrid

I never like to take naps on planes, but this time I'm flying across more time zones than ever before so sleep is a must. When I doze off I have an unfortunate habit of dropping my jaw. My gaping mouth must evoke some looks and laughs. In the end it's ok because my embarrassing sleeping presence must have brought someone, the cranky toddler, the overworked businessman, anyone whose fed up with the flying a little smile. Even when I'm unaware I hope I'm making people happy.

I'm sorry but I can't go for I am far too tired. Not in the jet lag way but in the I've been up all day visiting tobacco shops, bike riding and testing mystery foods. You'll just have to wait and see what I've been up to on this glorious first day!


  1. I cried after talking with your mother! Imagine the world traveler crying! I cried every time she made a journey. I am so happy you spread your wings and cannot wait to live vicariously through your adventures. You are brave like your mom, unlike your chicken auntie. Wishing you the BEST! Love u
    Not sure how to sign off as Auntie, not Mrs. Henault, please advise

  2. With how much she travels you must have been cried dry! I wear my necklace every day so it has become quite the traveler as well haha I'm not really sure how the reply thing works mine is just connected to my google+ account and my username on that account is Tanika Santos. If you respond with email or a blog name it connects to whatever name you are using on that profile. It's strange but I'll know it's you! :)