Saturday, September 13, 2014

Growing Wings

It's finally finally here! After months of waiting and frustration the universe is done playing games with me (I mean "teaching me lessons", at least for the moment). Wednesday morning a midst a self taught yoga session I got a call. "Your visa has been approved-" YEESSSSSS!!! It felt like the first time I found out I was going to Spain or when I heard from my host family. The same scream/dance/running around like a crazy person, soon followed.

Instead of a visa pic (personal info sharing is a no-no) Here's a snap of some Tanika originals, painted for Spain.

 I was trying to stay positive but in all honesty, it stopped feeling real. Every time I mentioned "Spain" my voice got quieter, more like "Spaainn....?" But now I can shout it, full volume, on the tops of buildings or just in my house as I dance to my ever-growing "Vamos A España" playlist.

The view from the parking garage where I was shouting "I'm going to Spain!!"

 90% Chance of A Packing Storm

I have been packing.. somewhat. It's been a strategic 3,2,1 process. Pack 3 things, take 2 out, waste 1 hour on Pinterest. Repeat. My flight ticket was booked before I even had half a suitcase full. For anyone who doesn't know me I am quite the unorganized and messy living person. Needless to say the past few days have been a frenzy of flying clothes and list on lists. But the terrifying task of packing an entire life into two, under fifty pound suitcases is slowly zipping up, cased closed (pun always intended!)

Before and After the storm, completely wiped out. Never again will it be this clean.

I Got Spain on the Brain!

Like I said, lately Spain has felt very far away, was I ever going? So my usual Flamenco dancing, Spanish book reading had slowed. After holding that visa, it's amped up to 500 watts of Sonríe(Smile)!! I'm breezing through "Bajo la Misma Estrea" (Spanish translation of the Fault in Our Stars) and keep my little homemade Diccionario for words that trip me up. I now have 101.1 LA MEGA MEXCLA and 104.9 TU MUSICA blasting at all times. I kid you not, my sing-a-long attempts are to die for. I would post a video but never at the wheel (safety first kids!)

Some kids made pillows, others brought tshirts. I made name tags with some character!

Never Goodbyes

Now I'm driving with mom to Dallas, on my way to catch wings into a new life. My sister was surprisingly sentimental with the most amazing goodbye movie with our memories. I was tearing up, just like my crazy emotional mother. It was my Dad that gave me the hardest goodbye with a hug so squeezable, the kind that used to make me squirm, but this time I wanted to stay in that hug forever.
Saying goodbye to my new favorite supermarket!

Tomorrow will be the last day in the States for a year and the most daunting of all goodbyes. My mom's. We're both big mush balls so I've packed plenty of tissues and a pair of sunglasses. I'll try to post tomorrow during my layover. Assuming my words are blurred by salty tears. It's all a part of the journey, letting go to grab hold of something new. Somewhere in between I'll learn to grow wings!

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