Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'll Find A Way

Big Lessons In Little Moments

For the most part I'd say I'm laid back, mostly. Adversity definitely brings the biggest opportunities for me to learn. The past few weeks have brought quite a few tests of my patience and tolerance for stress. It's not always fun looking back at the tough times, reliving the emotions because we don't like what we did or who we were in that moment of pain, but it's in those times when we learn the most about ourselves and become that much closer to the universe.

The World is only as colorful as we paint it.
Fate, I believe in that. My trust in the universe is constantly tested because if it weren't, how would I know that I really believe it. My Spanish visa has been a continuous problem. Now after a hours of waiting and a tear-filled consulate appointment I'm certain I will not arrive on the time promised. After sniffling behind a chocolate milkshake I started thinking, What had I done wrong? Karma, the universe always pays you back. I'm not perfect but still a pretty good person. So I thought and thought...Why was the universe punishing me!?-- ok less dramatic, what was it trying to teach me? 
A little reminder to be happy :)

"Everything Happens for a Reason"

The universe isn't just an after effect but also a spring board into something new. My stress level was at the breaking point,  hours at the gym managed to stray my mind for a little while but as soon as my heart rate came down I was back to stressing. I couldn't figure out my mistake so instead of griping over the problems, I accepted the situation for what it was and opened my heart to whatever the universe had planned for me. And wouldn't you know it, as I let fate work it's magic it started working to help me.
 Amazing birthday necklace from my aunt. A piece of my family that I can have with me everywhere I go.
"Always in our hearts. Dream it, do it, live it." 

Soccer and Storms

A little time in the Rain and I was feeling like a new rain-freshened me.

Rain and soccer are my best stress relievers. The fact that I could have both within days of each other had me feeling better already. My dad signed me up for an elite soccer camp this weekend. Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) the soccer league that encompasses the nation's top players. Naturally, I envisioned these girls all my life, something like my heroines of soccer. Never did I think I'd be able to play beside them, but here I was still a little pissed and determined to prove something, though I wasn't quite sure what yet. After the first session of drenching, demanding work I took pride in what I had accomplished. They were good but I kept up. I went to shake the coaches hands and the director asked to speak to me. He wanted to know if I'd like to play for his team (YES I WOULD FLIPPING LOVE TO!) but, Spain. He asked when I would be leaving. September-- I would have said first but now I had no idea. "About a month". He said I could contact him if I was interested in playing for the time I was here. AHHHH!! My anger from the passed week melted behind my excitement and my pride. Sweaty and exhausted I sat down and looked up from my cleats, smiling. The universe does work in some weird ways.

Emergency Kayaking: Teens in Need of Fun!

Water, whether it's falling from the sky or flooding a kayak, I Love It.

Sofy working hard while I took a few pictures like a lazy bum.
The water just broke into green and I wanted to dive into the emeralds.

 Take a Breather

So there you have it. Fate can be very funny with me but even when I'm feeling broken I do my best to never stop trusting it. There are so many different paths in life most of which we can't see right away. In the end things work out, in the end I'll get to Spain and in the end, the real end, I'll be able to look back at the life I've made and smile. 

Keep smiling :)

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